A simple projector using the CPU: the SimpleCPUProjector module

class nnfbp.SimpleCPUProjector.Projector(recSize, angles)[source]

Bases: object

Implementation of the projector interface using the CPU.

A projector needs to implement:

  • Forward projecting
  • Back projecting
  • Creating a FBP reconstruction with a custom filter

You can use this class as an abstracted weight matrix \(W\): multiplying an instance proj of this class by an image results in a forward projection of the image, and multiplying proj.T by a sinogram results in a backprojection of the sinogram:

proj = Projector(...)
fp = proj*image
bp = proj.T*sinogram
  • recSize (int) – Width/height of the reconstruction volume. (only 2D squares are supported)
  • angles (numpy.ndarray) – Array with angles in radians.

Backproject a sinogram.

Parameters:sinogram (numpy.ndarray) – The sinogram data
Returns:numpy.ndarray – The backprojection.

Calculated the power of two larger than val. Used internally.

filterSinogram(filt, sino)[source]

Filter a sinogram sino with filter filt. Used internally.


Forward project an image.

Parameters:image (numpy.ndarray) – The image data.
Returns:numpy.ndarray – The forward projection.
reconstructWithFilter(sinogram, filt)[source]

Create a FBP reconstruction of the sinogram with a custom filter

  • sinogram (numpy.ndarray) – The sinogram data
  • filt (numpy.ndarray) – 1D custom filter

numpy.ndarray – The reconstruction.

class nnfbp.SimpleCPUProjector.ProjectorTranspose(parentProj)[source]

Implements the proj.T functionality.

Do not use directly, since it can be accessed as member .T of an Projector object.

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